One of our kitties looking for a forever home!


We are happy to announce that C.A.R.E. now has adoption hours! Thanks to the continued success of our Adoption Days’ in which we open our doors to the public, we recognize the need to have regular adoption hours. We have a new adoption coordinator, Tina and with her help we are now able to have regular adoption hours! The adoption hours are Monday through Friday from 4-6PM and Saturday and Sunday from 1-5PM! Please stop by and visit some kitties that are ready to love you! We can be contacted with any questions about adoption, or the cats we have at : adoptions@careinitiative.org

New Adoption Hours:

M-F 4-6PM

S+S 1-5PM


What a cutie! Don't you wanna cuddle with her?


In other news, our website has been updated and now includes the process of how to adopt from us! See the list here! It’s a 7-step process with the 7th step being bringing your new family member home. We have this adoption process in place to ensure that you and your new friend are the best possible match and to help with the transition of adopting. We are happy to work with you and will try our best to successfully match you with a new companion.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays to you and yours from all of us (and the cats) at C.A.R.E. and don’t forget, to search the web with our igive.com search, http://www.iGive.com/careinitiative.